About Mami’s Heart

Hi there! Welcome to my blog!

I am Carolina (south? north? most of my teachers used to ask me this!) Yet, I still get asked how to spell my name even when I say “like the states” and I don’t get to buy any souvenirs anywhere because they are all for Caroline or Carol… I love to dance, bake desserts (cookies are at the top of my list,) have a fascination for the beach, love art stuff, and consider myself artsy (hence my degree in Art.)

I am a stay at home wife to a wonderful man who is a veteran and has been sober since 2018. I am also a mom (mami) of three girls, but mom to five children. We truly are a “mine, yours, and ours” family. I had a girl before I married my husband. He had a boy and a girl, and we have two girls together. I am truly blessed for the family I have!

I created this blog to fulfill the desired need as a stay at home mom and wife, by writing my personal experiences as such. Why the need? Sometimes I find myself thinking no one could relate to what was or is happening in my life as a stay at home mom. However, I know one thing for sure; with motherhood and being married, it seems impossible that everything happening in my life is unique. I know there have to be many women like me, who might feel alone or think that no one can relate to them. Being a stay at home mom can also be lonely sometimes. I don’t mind it at all. But, once in a while, I need an outlet; hence, this blog.

This blog is not to give advice on anything. It is just more to form an affinity among us women, wives, moms. We are all learning something at every point of our lives and this is my journey, a journey that could be similar to yours. We could learn something from each other, but what might work for me, could or could not work for you. So if anything in my stories you find relatable and applies to your life, I will forever be thankful I shared it. And if not, I will still be grateful that you read it and that I had the opportunity to share or vent ha!

As of now, my blog focuses on motherhood, siblings, family, and lifestyle. On the motherhood section, I share stuff from having a baby that didn’t sleep through the night until thirteen months (even now, some nights are still horrible,) some pregnancy stuff since my last pregnancy was not too long ago, to life with a teenage girl, to being a stepmom. The siblings’ section is about how all kids get along (or not,) the challenges they have faced together, etc. The family section encompasses stories that include all of us. The lifestyle section is where I share about my married life, thoughts, my background, current events, and how we as a family are dealing with them, among other things.

We may not be the perfect family to look up to but we are the perfect family for each other!

Feel free to navigate through the site and share your stories with me; perhaps, you will relate and make a connection.

Heart, Carolina